Master Thesis


Prof. Dr. Lena Tonzer
M. Sc. Kathrin Meyer-Pinger

Information / Application:

You can apply for our Master Thesis Seminar within the given schedule (see schedule below).

application deadline ST 2024: April 10th, 2024

After you successfully handed in your application before the deadline and you took part in the first information meeting and the first team meeting, we will register your Master Thesis. 

Basic topics will be given (see topic list below). However, students have to define their own research question for their Master Thesis in the frameworks of those given topics. We expect the Master Thesis to include an empirical analysis. 

Your application for our Master Thesis Seminar should include 2-3 topics (see list below) and a current grade overview. Please send these documents before the deadline via E-Mail to Kristina Kühn.

If your application is successful, the Master Thesis Seminar will be held in blocked appointments:

At the first meeting, there will be an introduction to scientific working.

At the second meeting, you will present your research question, possible data sources and your thesis structure. 

Please also note our formal requirements for writing a Master Thesis (see below).


overview topics ST 2024


schedule ST 2024


Application or Registration form

Formal requirements for master theses

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