Introduction to International Economics SS24


Prof. Dr. Lena Tonzer; Dr. Kathrin Meyer-Pinger, M.Ed.

Dear Students

We warmly welcome you all to the course “Introduction to International Economics”. You will find all relevant teaching material (slides, papers, video streams) on the e-Learning platform

There will be a tutorial accompanying the lecture. It will be held by my research & teaching assistant Kathrin Meyer-Pinger. All relevant materials will be provided on e-Learning as well.

The final examination is expected to take the standard form of a written exam / online exam via the e-Learning platform towards the end of the term. All relevant information will be provided in due course. If you are willing to take the exam, you should, of course, register for the examination before the registration deadline.

If you have any questions, please, contact Kathrin Meyer-Pinger by Email ().

Time & Place

Lecture:  every Thursday (start: Apr 18th, 2024), 15.00-17.00, G22A-H2 - Volksbank Hörsaal 

Tutorials: The first tutorials will take place on April 19th, 2024! 
                      They will be provided in two waves that cover exactly the same content. So please choose one of the following tutorials. 

                Friday,       09:00-11:00, G03-315         

                Friday,       11:00-13:00, G03-315


The lecture is an introduction to international trade as well as international finance and open economy macroeconomics. In both fields, the lecture covers standard theories, standard policy analyses, and major institutional and historical issues. The lecture is accompanied by a tutorial (held in English).
Literature: Krugman, P.R.; Obstfeld, M.; Melitz, M.J. (2023), International Economics, 12th edition (Earlier editions can also be used.)

Information for the Exam

  • the exam questions are provided in English only
  • German answers are allowed for students in German-speaking programs
  • the only study aid allowed is one bilingual dictionary, one non-programmable calculator

Downloads for the Lecture

All lecture material for "Introduction to International Economics" will be provided on the E-Learning platform. Please note that all changes or important notifications will be only communicated via the E-Learning platform! 

Paper on Financial Crisis


Downloads for the Tutorial

For further tutorial documents click here


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